A Private Concierge Members’ club with  outstanding service, Arbitrageur Concierge is the ultimate service for the bespoke buyer of luxury.
We offer a Private Concierge Membership service for select Individuals and Corporations who sign up for our Concierge service.  The service grants you a membership invitation to the best of the best in luxury. We handle everything from dinner reservations at Fine Restaurants, purchase of Rare Fine Jewelry,  Yacht Charter, Acquisition of Commissioned Works of Art and Bespoke Private Jet Travel.  Let us know exactly what you’re looking for and our team will do its best to accommodate.

A Luxury Arbitrageur Concierge Membership provides you with unlimited access to exclusive privileges and bespoke services making us an indispensable asset in your life.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure our packages are designed to cater to your specific level of needs .

We offer three levels of membership, based on your needs and required level of service. Ranging from Silver, Gold to Platinum the Arbitrageur Concierge Service will more than impress you with a myriad of unique luxury offers.

At any level, you will receive luxury lifestyle benefits that fulfill your every need. All packages utilize our specialist teams to obtain personal lifestyle  service recommendations on Real Estate, Travel, Automobiles, Art and Antiques,Wine and Spirits, Interior Designers, Private Jets, Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry.

Arbitrageur Concierge will find whatever you may need whether it be the purchase of a private jet or a bespoke vacation.

Sit back relax and allow us to take care of all your personal  day to day activities.

Call  or email us today to speak to an Arbitrageur Concierge Specialist at:

Tel: 646-688-5377








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