Reach 40,000 Super Wealthy Individuals who have over $10 Million in Net Worth.  This is the ideal demographic for top luxury brands.

They mainly comprise of individuals who make up a very small fraction of the wealthiest  American households as well as the super wealthy from abroad.

* Passionate Subscriber Base

*Newly Minted Entrepreneur Millionaires

*U.S. and International Exposure

*Average Net Worth Above $10 Million Liquid

*Many are established Collectors  and Avid Luxury Consumers


Luxury Arbitrageur  is the perfect venue for savvy luxury marketers. Whether your organization takes a broad  approach to marketing or prefers a more targeted technique based on net worth, age or gender we can help you formulate the ideal advertising program for your Company.

Advertising Opportunities Include:

*Direct Mail

*Email Ads

*Exclusive Sponsorships

*Sponsored Posts

* Banner Ads

*Referral Programs

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2014-Bugatti-SuperVeyron-Yellow-Front *Directly market your brand to our upscale

audience  of millionaire and billionaire  Executives, Entrepreneurs and Hedge Fund Managers within the U.S. and abroad.

Every reader of our Subscription Service must  also qualify with a very high annual income.

Luxury Arbitrageur carefully qualifies each and every reader in order to make sure they meet  the various subscription requirements. Build brand recognition with the top tier consumer market in the world.